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These are Camouflage Series available

Camouflage Series textile fabrics

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Product Name:Olefin/100% PP Fabric

Width:120-165 cm/ 47-65 inches




Feature:Super Waterproof/Anti-static/Super Anti-UV/Heat insulation/Cold-resistance/High Color Fastness/Flame-retardant/High Strength/Excellent Weather-ability/Shrink-resistance

Usage:Out door sofa/Beach Chairs/Cushions/Parasols/Gazebos/Loungers/Sunshades/Awnings/Outdoor Tent/Swings Etc.

Azo Dyes:Pass

Water repellent:90% (AATCC 22)

Flammablility:Pass CA 117E

Dry Crocking:4-5 (AATCC 8)

Wet Crocking:4-5 (AATCC 8)

Seam Slippage:Pass(ASTM D4034 20lbs/20lbs)

Tensile Strength:Pass(Astm D 5034 100lbs/50lbs)

①Color master batch

Master batch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and or additives encapsulated during a

heat and high pressure process into carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into granular shape .Master batch allows the processor to colour raw polymer economically during the plastics manutacturing process .

②Fading Resistance

It is provided by Solution Dyeing method which is a yarn coloration process in which pigment is added to the polymer melt before the fiber is extruded into yarn .The color ,therefore is an inherent part of the yarn itself .Its colors are the most permanent .The solution dyeing process,in addition ,environmentally friendly and efficient ,using little water or energy.

Colorstayness ,Durability and Reasonable Price

DRO is highly resistant to color loss through fading from sunlight ,and ozone .It' s neat ,nice touch and breathable DRO also provides good stain resistance and water repellence .In addition UPF is at least 50+.Why choose DRO ?

Why Choose DRO?

1. Outstanding Color Fastness

Strong color fastness to weathering .Some fabrics if exposed to sunlight for an extended period will fade or lose their intensity of color .

2. Wide Range of Color Designs

DRO provides choices .Every individual may have difterent taste and difterent color preferences .Therefore ,wide variety designs and colors are launched o the market to suit your needs .

3.Super Protection

High UV Protection rating .DRO fabric has gone through high quality of testing and evaluated by an internationally recognized research and service centre ,the Hohenstein Institute Germany .

Proven Quality DRO has obtained UV Standard 801 certificate protect 8 0 which means it is capable of blocking more than 97% UV Ray.

4.Excellent Weatherability

Resistant to uv damage and fading .DRO applies excellent ultraviolet blocking agents which protect polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of uv radiation .Perfect for all outdoor applications.Therefore as an outdoor fabric ,DRO is proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight ,wind ,rain and humidity .It is long lasting .


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